Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friendship Vs. Love! Where Is Dis Goin.....

In the great game of life everyone eventually has to deal with friendships and some folks even fall in love. But how does one tell the difference between friendship vs love? In the movies they give you all kinds of sage advice like love is that feeling that hits you in the gut and you just cannot ignore it. But what is the reality? How does one tell if their own feelings of friendship for someone have blossomed into love? Friendship vs love sound lyke the battle of century to sum ppl. It can easily to confuse the 2..Many people maintain that a true friendship is based on trust. I would disagree with that. I would say it is more accurate to say that a true friendship is based on taking the time to know your friend’s strengths and weaknesses. I have a lot of friends. Most of them I trust. Some of them I do not. But I know that up front. If I put trust in a friend that is not trustworthy then who is at fault? I would say I am because I knew that friend could not be trusted.

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  1. The best definition of love comes from 1 Corinthians 13.